Saltrex – Commodity Auctions

With Saltrex CRR we aim to achieve a systematic change to accelerate the circular economy. Prior to developing Saltrex CRR we launched our other platform in 2017;
Saltrex: Commodity Auctions (SCA).
Saltrex Commodity Auctions is an international auction platform for surplus, secondary or distressed commodities and cargoes. Too often a (limited) value was realised for these commodities or (even worse) it resulted in tonnes of waste. Very unfortunate because what has become unusable for one company could still be of great value to others.
Saltrex Commodity Auctions is a secure, transparent and compliant solution to help large firms, such as insurance companies, manufacturers and traders. Over 60,000 tons of goods have been traded in the past two years. We found a new destination for (amongst others) damaged and residual batches of coffee, cocoa, steel, nuts and rice.
Following the success of Saltrex Commodity Auctions insurers and companies asked us what to do with damaged products that simply cannot directly be traded? Think of products that too often need to be incinerated due to brand protection or food safety. Instead of creating more waste, we need to look for certified ways to give those products a new destination. And that is why we introduces Saltrex Certified Recycling & Reuse as an addition to Saltrex Commodity Auctions.