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Circular economy – New Narrative: startup

The circular economy is a highly popular topic but the transition towards it is a bumpy road. Part of the solution may come from circular start-ups, according to research conducted at Utrecht University…
ImpactFest 2020 – Agility in times of crisis with startup founders.

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A clear call for action; industrial companies have been very good at continuously improving their productivity, but they are still underperforming at managing waste.

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#circularity #wastemanagement
Why a B2B Sharing Economy Makes Sense From a Circular Perspective

Whilst we are all struggling with COVID-19, more than ever people see this as an opportunity to speed up the transition to a more sustainable economy. The way the world came to a drastic halt could potentially …
IQ COL blog met Michael Hajdasinski van Saltrex
Vertel eens over jullie bedrijf.
Saltrex in Den Haag heeft het vinden en uitvoeren van circulaire oplossingen voor het bedrijfsleven als corebusiness. Goederen die voor hun eigenaar onbruikbaar zijn…
Het circulaire businessmodel van Saltrex
Michael Hajdasinski (44) is CEO en oprichter van Saltrex, een bedrijf dat circulaire oplossingen voor het bedrijfsleven als corebusiness heeft.
Goederen die voor hun eigenaar…
Global trading after COVID-19: What’s next?
Inactive containership fleet has reached an all-time high.
The virus has disrupted shipping and global trading. And it will probably take months to unravel the full impact and what it…
Truckloads of JUMP Bikes Are Being Destroyed During a Nationwide Shortage.

Thousands of perfectly good JUMP electric bikes and scooters are getting thrashed. Witnessing the tons of reactions on social media, we hope that companies like Uber learn a (painful) lesson from this…
Great to see Saltrex amongst some of the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs and companies who are addressing grave global challenges.

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Where does our waste come from.
Recycling in Europe: We are not there yet.
We have a strong focus on recycling in the EU. But sometimes it’s good to look at the bigger picture to see where we stand. And to be honest, we still have a long way to go…
Industry giants create a great circular opportunity.
Don’t let it go to waste.
In Q4 of 2019 Unilever said it plans to halve its use of virgin plastic by creating greener versions of its household products. A shift to become a more sustainable company…